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MMA Daily News

Saturday, July 02, 2022

Pancrase News Network

Denver, Colorado, USA




Photos: 2022 UFC Hall of Fame induction ceremony

Athletes Deserve “The Most Complete Available Information” About CTE

ONE 159: De Ridder vs. Bigdash' on July 22

Joe Rogan Calls For An Overhaul Of MMA Judging

Logan Paul Signs Contract With World Wrestling Entertainment

Distance: The Most Important Factor When Using BJJ For Self-Defense

Jake Paul Blasts The Fury Brothers, Says He’s Moving On

Self-defense instructor goes WAY too far during bizarre demo

Knock Your Opponents Out With These 3 Simple Jab Combinations




MMA Daily News

Friday, July 01, 2022

Pancrase News Network

Denver, Colorado, USA



Bellator 283 fight card

How to Watch 2022 PFL 6

Polaris 20 results

7 Greatest Underdogs In MMA History

Tom DeBlass Featured by Forbes Magazine

Bas Rutten offers to help Tommy Fury

Top 20 Tips To Run Better

CFFC returns to Horseshoe Tunica Hotel & Casino on Friday, July 29

Should You Break Someone’s Arm at a (Local) BJJ Competition?

MMA Fitness Schedule for Better Physique




MMA Daily News

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Pancrase News Network

Denver, Colorado, USA



CSAC moving forward on adding MMA fighters to pension fund


Cain Velasquez Suing Harry Goularte After Alleged Molestation of Son

Post-fight brawl leaves MMA fighter with broken jaw, ruptured eardrum

The Ultimate Fighter 30 results

Ronda Rousey reveals one crucial mistake she made in her MMA career

BJJ Techniques For Weapon Takeaway

Joe Rogan: „There’s A Huge Gap Between A Trained Fighter & Regular Person“

Hasbulla snubs his female Australian fans

Casinos That Have Hosted MMA Events





MMA Daily News

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Pancrase News Network

Denver, Colorado, USA



Fury Reveals US Entry Denied Ahead Of Paul Fight, Pleads Innocence

Not Worth the Weight

Dana White says Jon Jones 'ready to go,' expects him to fight Francis Ngannou or Stipe Miocic

Danny Sabatello Fined $5,000 For Bellator 282 Interview Profanity

Gina Carano responds to Ronda Rousey about potential fight

Dana White shoots down the idea of a Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather rematch

Manny Pacquiao’s Son Suffers Major Upset In Amateur Boxing Bout

Roxanne Modafferi reflects on legendary career, ponders idea of different approach

Taekwondo Belt Levels And Ranking Guide

BJJ 101: D’Arce Choke

Bullshido Master ‘Detroit Urban Survival Training’ Tries Out a BJJ Class Wearing a Blue Belt





MMA Daily News

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Pancrase News Network

Denver, Colorado, USA



The Countdown To UFC 276: Adesanya vs. Cannonier Has Officially Begun

Chase Gibson vs. Hyder Amil headlines LFA 137 on July 29

Boxing great vs MMA great? Katie Taylor vs Cris Cyborg

Karate Combat season finale results

PFL 6: Who's fighting, lineup, start time, broadcast info

Can McGregor Ever Reclaim the UFC Lightweight Title?

Rizin 31, Tokyo, July 31st

Jake Paul ups the ante for bet with Tyson Fury, Fury accepts for $1 million

“Don’t Use BJJ In Street Fights & When Outnumbered – Just Run Away”

Alistair Overeem explains move into pro wrestling





MMA Daily News

Monday, June 27, 2022

Pancrase News Network

Denver, Colorado, USA



Cat Zingano Issues Strong Response To Cyborg After USADA Comments

The Real Winners and Losers from UFC on ESPN 38

UFC Vegas 57 bonuses

Matches to Make After UFC on ESPN 38

BKFC 26 results

Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournament closes out UFC International Fight Week

Mexico tops table at 2022 IMMAF Pan American Championships

Matrix Fight Night bans Afghan fighters!

Matt Hughes Is Working With Apex Brain Center To Combat His TBI

The Highest Paid MMA Athletes in Top Form in 2022





MMA Daily News

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Pancrase News Network

Denver, Colorado, USA



UFC Vegas 57: Tsarukyan vs. Gamrot Results & Highlights

Glory Collision 4 press conference announced

LFA 137: Gibson vs. Amil is set for July 29

Upsets Galore: Several Favorites Fall at 2022 Professional Fighters League 5

Johnny Eblen’s stunning win over Gegard Mousasi at Bellator 282

Bellator 282: Best photos

iKON FC heads to Georgia on Aug. 5

Conor McGregor mural takes down cocaine kingpin

Ranking The Top 10 Title Defenses In MMA History

Treat Rolling With BJJ White Belts Like It’s A Fight





NICK MARR - Denver Grappling Great Hospitalized

Edge MMA & Fitness Leader Needs Your Help & Prayers

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Pancrase News Network

Denver, Colorado, USA

By Sheldon Marr 


Well, as many of you know, Nick's stomach ruptured early Monday morning & he had to have an emergency surgery, & has been sedated & on a ventilator ever since! The Surgeon said they want to try & get him off the ventilator soon, but we know Nick is going to fight them when they try, as he has struggled with them already several times in the last week! All Nick knows (each time he briefly wakes up) is that he's in great pain, & that he feels he's being restrained (his hands are tied) & that he's being choked (by the breathing tube stuck down his throat)... So why wouldn't he fight?!?! This of course slows the progress we all want him to make. But hopefully they'll be able remove the breathing tube in the next couple of days!

I also wanted to pass on a couple of things... First, I want to thank everyone that has come to see Nick at the hospital so far, Sarah, Mandy, Mike, Koyela, Cameron, Warren, Ricardo, Ben, Joshua, Tony, Roby, Daniel, Chris, Jordan, etc... Thank you so much!

Secondly, I want to thank everyone that has donated to the GoFundme account for Nick (you all know who you are)! The last thing Nick needs is to get released from the hospital (whether that's in 2 weeks or 6 weeks) to find out he's been evicted for not paying his rent, or the power's off or whatever... So we appreciate it SO, SO MUCH!

& lastly, I want to thank my Friends, Students, etc. from out of town that have contacted me on Nick's behalf! Those friends include Olympic Wrestling Champion Mark Schultz, UFC Hall of Famers Ken Shamrock & Dan Severn, UFC Veterans Keith Hackney & Shonie Carter, Martial Arts Legends Grandmaster Tom Saviano & Grandmaster Ricardo Murgel (I guess Nick has some pretty famous Uncles)! Also Nick's old Teammates Shane Cross & Leonard Snow!

Oh, one more thing... We all know what a Great Instructor Nick is, & he will be missed greatly for some time (until he's all healed up)... Personally, I've had some severe back issues for the last few years, & can't do much on the mat, so I'm no help!

However, we do need to keep the school running, so we'll bring in the best Instructors we can find until we have Nick back!

Thank you all for your prayers & well wishes for Nick, & please keep them coming.





PANCRASE USA MMA:  New Black Belt Degree & Belt Rank Promotions

Monday February 01, 2021

Pancrase News Network

Denver, Colorado, USA


Pancrase MMA is pleased to announce three new Black Belt degree recipients and several belt rank promotions that were awarded at the "Warrior Weekend Seminar Series" held in Jacksonville, N.C., on January 23,23, 24, 2021.


Special congratulations to those promoted in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Pancrase MMA and to those with dual promotions.


NEW Black Belts in Pancrase MMA and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu:


Bryson “Alexander” Morgan - PANCRASE MMA Black Belt 1st Degree/BJJ Blackbelt
• Started wrestling at age 12
• Wrestled for Naval Academy and alternate for the Marine Wrestling Team
• Boxed for the Naval Academy
• Started the Navy Jiu Jitsu program
• Black Belt in Marine Corps Martial Arts Program
• Army Martial Art Instructor certification at Ft. Leonard Wood
• 2-0-0 Amateur MMA record
• 2-0-1 Muay Thai record
• Military police officer, Specialist and instructor in close quarters tactics, close quarters combat, special reaction teams, non-lethal weapons, riot control, weapons handling, small arms implementation, battlefield planning and Heavy weapons integration
• BJJ Black Belt


Bradley Desir - Pancrase MMA Black Belt 1st Degree/BJJ Black Belt

 (Prof. Wright, "Started with me 16 years ago and has been training and competing since".)
• Fight labs 185lbs champion
• 185lb North Carolina state champion
• Onslaught fight promotions 170lb champion
• 2011 fight nerd east coast rookie of the year
• Starred in feature film New York MMA
• 3 time Ring of Combat lightweight champion
• Featured in ESPN magazine Bellator veteran
• Muay Thai kru
• Bjj blackbelt Pancrase blackbelt.


Pancrase MMA Black Belt 1st Degree

Derrick Lambert
• 22 years of boxing
• Professional boxer
• Professional mixed martial artists
• Owns and runs Advantage martial arts gym for over 10 years



Pancrase MMA and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Belt Rank Promotions:



Brett Summers – Brown Belt Pancrase MMA & BJJ



Aaron Klein-Purple Belt Pancrase MMA



Gustavo Duarte-Purple Belt Pancrase MMA



Thomas Grady - Dual Promotion Pancrase MMA/BJJ



Carlos Malagon BJJ Blue Belt - Promoted to Blue Belt Pancrase MMA


Congratulations to our new Black Belt degree and belt rank recipeants.   Your hard work and dedication to training are an example and inspiration to all.   A special thanks to the Professors that made it happen during these difficult times. 


Will Hendricks







PANCRASE WORLD NEWS - Unauthorized Use of Pancrase Brand and Trademarks

Sunday Jan. 10, 2021





Pancrase Corporate Headquarters in Japan Issues Statement Concerning Name And Trademark Infringement

(translated from Japanese)


About the use of Pancrase trademark by a third party.
Recently, it has been confirmed that a third party illegally uses the Pancrase trademark. We would like to report this and ask for your attention.

On May 18, 2012, Smash Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") made a business transfer agreement with Pancrase Co., Ltd. as the transferor and the Company as the transferee (hereinafter referred to as the "Business Transfer Agreement"). .) Has been concluded, and the business related to the operation of the professional martial arts "Pancrase" operated by Pancrase Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "this business") has been transferred, and since then, this business has been operated. Pancrase Co., Ltd. has taken over this business from World Pancrase Create Co., Ltd. based on the business transfer agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "original business transfer agreement"). You have reassigned your business. In addition, based on this business transfer agreement, the Company has also transferred all trademark rights including the logo related to Pancrase, but in the original business transfer agreement, the trademark rights to be transferred are not limited to Japan. It is clearly stated that the trademark right has been acquired overseas, including the United States. Therefore, the Company has acquired the trademark rights of Pancrase in Japan and overseas owned by World Pancrase Create Co., Ltd. effectively and properly through Pancrase Co., Ltd.

Recently, a US company (hereinafter referred to as the "US Company") has received a trademark registration in the United States, mainly in the United States, using the Pancrase Hybrid Wrestling and other Pancrase names and the Pancrase logo. I gave a false explanation that I was, and I got information that I was touting myself as if I was a legitimate right holder of the Pancrase brand, creating and distributing documentary films and planning various events. .. However, the US Company applied for trademark registration when the trademark registration related to Pancrase had temporarily expired due to procedural reasons, and the US Company applied for Pancrase in the United States before the Company. There is no record of use of related trademarks, and trademark rights in the United States are not recognized in preference to the Company. In addition, although it is stated on Facebook etc. that the US company has registered the logo with the US Patent and Trademark Office, it is only at the stage of application and examination, which is not the case.

We have determined that the U.S. Company has seriously infringed our rights and are preparing to take legal action against the company and its affiliates, as well as our Pancrase in the United States. We are in the process of registering a brand trademark in our name.

Please note that if you are not aware of the above circumstances and are involved in the US company by mistaking it as the legitimate right holder of the Pancrase brand, you may inconvenience yourself.



Regarding unauthorized use of Pancrase brand
Smash Co. Ltd. of Japan (“Smash”), operator of Pancrase, would like to share with you certain information we have obtained with regard to the unauthorized use of our Pancrase brand by a third party.

We have obtained information that a certain US company (“the Company”) is preparing a project in which production and distribution of Pancrase documentary films and hosting of events under the name of Pancrase are under way mainly in the US. The Company has been using Pancrase trademark “Pancrase Hybrid Wrestling” and Pancrase logo and making itself out as the rightful owner of the Pancrase brand with the logo registered with the authorities. However, the Company just made a trademark application while the trademark registration, temporarily expired due to procedural reasons The Company has no record of use of the Pancrase trademark preceding our use. We believe that the Company's trademark registration application does not prevail over ours.The Company's statement in its Facebook or others that the Pancrase logo is registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in its name is anything but the case; the trademark application is still under evaluation.

Smash entered into a certain business transfer agreement dated May 18, 2012 with Pancrase KK (the “Business Transfer Agreement”) by which the “Pancrase business” was transferred from Pancrase KK to Smash, and Smash has since been operating the Pancrase business. Prior To that, Pancrase KK had obtained the Pancrase business from World Pancrase Create under a certain business transfer agreement (the “Initial Business Transfer Agreement”). Smash has obtained all of the trademark rights relating to the Pancrase business under the Business Transfer Agreement. Under the Initial Transfer Business Agreement, the transferred trademarks were expressly referred to as those obtained in foreign countries including the US as well as in Japan and, hence,Smash has duly and effectively obtained all of the Pancrase trademarks which World Pancrase Created held in Japan and those foreign countries via Pancrase KK.

We are in the process of applying for trademark registration in Smash's name in the US. Smash has determined that significant infringement of its rights has been committed by the Company and is preparing to institute legal proceedings against the Company and its related parties.

Let me take the liberty of advising that caution should be taken against any risks which may arise from being unknowingly involved in the Company's project based on the misunderstanding that it is the rightful owner of the Pancrase brand.






PANCRASE MMA News - Hill Brothers Join Pancrase

Thursday October 03, 2019

Pancrase Newswire

Denver, Broomfield, CO




Pancrase USA welcomes Professors Ron and James Hill of SUDA International Training Center in Plainfield, Illinois.  The Hill brothers have more the seventy years combined experience in several martial arts and hold many blackbelt degrees including 4th dan ranking in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under our own Pancrase Grandmaster Ricardo Murgel.


Here is a sampling of their many accomplishments:


Sport USA National team coaches

22 Time USA National Team coaches



World Champion 1ST PLACE OVERALL coaches (PANKRATION) UWW/FILA2009





and others



SUDA International Training Center







PANCRASE MMA NEWS - Ricardo Murgel Receives 9th Degree BJJ Red Belt

Sunday September 01, 2019

Pancrase Newswire

Denver, Broomfield, CO


Grand Master Alvaro Barreto (left) promoting Ricardo Murgel (right)



Congratulations to Ricardo Murgel (highest ranking practitioner of Pancrase Mixed Martial Arts) for his recent promotion to GRAND MASTER -  9th degree Red Belt of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


This highest of honors is only bestowed upon a few extraordinary individuals and reflects a life-time of devotion to the knowledge, practice, teaching and betterment of the martial arts.


In recognition of a true living legend who deserved this award many years ago.



Will Hendricks - Pancrase USA





PANCRASE NEWS - Professor James Wright Hosts Fundraiser

Tuesday February 19, 2019

Pancrase Newswire

Denver, Broomfield, CO

By Prof. Jerry Roeder




Pancrase Prof. Jim Wright (Martial Arts And More)  recently hosted a fundraiser for UFC vet Justin Wren's Fight for the Forgotten. Professor Wright has raised thousands of dollars to help Wren bring land and clean drinking water to the Pygmies.





PANCRASE NEWS - CXMMA International LLC/Pancrase Black Belt Promotion

Tuesday December 25, 2018

Pancrase Newswire

Denver, Broomfield, CO

By: Prof. E. Watson




CXMMA would like to Congratulate Pro MMA Fighter Ryan Sutton on His promotion to Pancrase Black Belt to be effective as of 12 Dec 2018. Here are some of his Accomplishments that made it easy for us to award him his black belt.

Wrestling: High school Greco All American and nationally ranked from Sophomore to Senior year. Over 100 Varsity wins and won every tournament under the sun


College: NJCAA All American (ranked only below Jon Jones- even tho he became academically ineligible for nationals)
NCAA Division 1 starter
NAIA All American
3x USA University Greco All American
MMA: every professional win by submission.
2 x Revgear submission of the night winner
Undefeated in submission grappling matches with wins over Strikeforce, Belllator, and UFC veterans/active competitors




PANCRASE NEWS - Pancrase Black Belt Enrique Watson and his team are tearing up the tournament competition!

Tuesday December 25, 2018

Pancrase Newswire

Denver, Broomfield, CO





Professor Enrique Watson reports:

"Today our team went to do battle as a team and came home with everything but the kitchen sink!, I am so proud of all our teammates, our kids took second as kidsteam over all, an we took 1st place for the second year in a row as Academy Gi and No Gi, all of our teammates made podium and I was able to secure all 4 Gold medals in the adult Gi weight division, and Open, and the Adult No Gi weight and Open division,. This was a special win as this is my last competition as the head coach as CXBJJ Iwakuni Japan. I Pass the Helm to Proffesor Shinji Morito as the new CXBJJ Iwakuni Head Instructor. I want to thank all of our CXMMA family from MO to NC to Japan, our team will continue to lead the way for years to come! Osss and Semper Fidelis."







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