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PANCRASE Mixed Martial Arts


Institute for Advanced Martial Studies

Located at the


8 Garden Center, Broomfield, Colorado, USA 80020

Only minutes from downtown Denver

Information Hotline: 720-988-8088

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You've seen us on television now you can experience MMA for real!

Prof. Hendricks teaches MMA classBoxing at the Pancrase MMA AcademyProf. Hendricks teaches leg-locksProf. Billy Hendricks presents Blue Belt promotionPancrase USA fighter wins at Ring of FireBilly Hendricks referees an MMA title boutBJJ Master Ricardo Murgel teaches at the Pancrase USA AcademyBilly Hendricks does speed bagWomen's fighter Mercades Mercury at Pancrase USA

Training MMA, UFC, Pancrase, Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Sambo and Submission Wrestling World Champions since 1998



Due to Covid 9, we are currently only offering private training.


There are no group Classes at this time.



Contact Prof. Billy Hendricks for further information


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 "Modern Martial Arts With Traditional Values"


The Pancase Academy (Colorado Stars Training Center) first opened in 1998, as Denver's original professional fighter MMA training center.  Since then, we have continuously produced world-ranked MMA fighters, UFC, jiu-jitsu, judo, sambo, kickboxing, wrestling and submission grappling champions, as well as providing the region's finest training for self-defense and fitness enthusiasts.


Our family friendly school offers beginner through advanced instruction in the core mixed-martial arts.  The curriculum is specifically designed for non-fighters and those interested in the other important areas of mixed martial arts; self-defense, fitness, confidence-building, personal-growth, and the sporting and recreational aspects. Personalized, small-group classes can accommodate most everyone.  Providing safe, effective and fun instruction is our commitment to you.


Earn Belt Rank - Your progression as a mixed-martial artist will be rewarded by belt rank promotions. Pancrase MMA belt ranks and black belt degrees are among the most prestigious in the world. 


Looking for fitness and conditioning training?  Look no further. Our fitness system incorporates the same cutting-edge methods used by champion UFC fighters.  Professional athletes from football, basketball, hockey and other major sports are now incorporating MMA fitness in their training programs.


Remember, our school is much more than just a place to learn martial arts or become physically fit. When you join, you become a member of a family that is the cornerstone of our organization. We welcome any and all skill and physical fitness levels. 


The Pancrase Academy is exclusive.  We offer select memberships to persons seeking the BEST instruction for martial arts, self-defense and physical conditioning.


 What are you waiting for? 




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 PANCRASE Mixed Martial Arts

 Families Welcome


Pancrase kickboxing class             Double-end ball at Pancrase MMA Academy

At most schools over-crowded classes are the reality.  If you deserve the best, our size-limited classes enable you to receive one-on-one instruction for the BEST learning experience possible!

In a real-life confrontation, if you're not prepared to fight both on your feet and on the ground, you're not prepared!  Proven in the street and in the ring, Pancrase Mixed Martial Arts are a unique blend of the world's most effective combat disciplines. 

Prof. Hendricks teaches grappling techniques              Prof. Billy Hendricks teaches kickboxing techniques   

Beginner through advanced instruction. 

Learn life-saving self defense skills while getting into the best shape of your life.

Realizing that no single martial art is well-rounded enough to deal with all potential areas of self-defense, Pancrase mixed martial artists cross-train in a variety of striking and grappling arts, incorporating Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Wrestling, Sambo, Boxing, Karate, and Kickboxing into their training regimen.


Pancrase MMA has become its own time-tested system, evolved from a combination of other martial arts and refined over thousands of years. 



No Attitudes, No egos!

Head instructor Professor Billy Hendricks teaches the methods that have made him a undefeated fighter and trainer of world champions.


Learn how to control and finish a confrontation quickly and humanely with minimal force. Learn devastating techniques including takedowns, throws and reversals, submission-holds, arm-bars, leg-locks, chokes, the guard and mount positions, striking, and much, much more.

Professor Billy Hendricks teachs Jiu-Jitsu chokes              Professor Billy Hendricks teaches women's MMA class

Learn in a safe and controlled environment from professionals.  You choose the intensity level of your training.

Whether it's weight-loss and getting into the best shape of your life, building self-confidence, learning self-defense, training to become a ultimate fighter or just meeting new and interesting people, we have it all.

Earn MMA Belt Rank

The Pancrase Academy awards belt rank certifications and Black Belt degrees to qualified martial artists.

Rank Promotions Page


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Information Hotline: 720-988-8088

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Your call is very important!    Please leave a message if we are away from the phone.




Professor Billy Hendricks at the Pancrase MMA Academy

Professor Billy J. Hendricks

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A Message From

Professor Billy Hendricks


Are you really serious about learning Mixed Martial Arts and becoming mentally and physically fit?  Do you deserve the best?


I know, choosing the right school can be overwhelming, but please, before coming to the Pancrase Academy, I urge you to visit as many of those other "schools" as possible and try their classes. Only then will you be able to see what sets us apart from the rest.


We offer serious students an opportunity to progress faster in a learning friendly environment.  Our classes are sized limited which means each student receives constant one-on-one interaction with the instructor. 


If you have questions or would like to schedule a free introductory session, call me personally at (720)-988-8088.


I look forward to helping you achieve your goals.










Small Group Classes or Private Instruction 


   Self-defense * MMA * Judo * Kickboxing * Sambo * Submission Wrestling * Boxing * Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu * Karate * Ultimate Fighting * Muay Thai  


Professor Billy Hendricks with kickboxing students



Our small-group classes are the generally the most efficient, fun, and cost-effective way to learn martial arts or for physical conditioning.  We offer several affordable options including month-to-month plans, long-term training programs for the serious student, and daily drop-in rates for visitors.  Stop by the academy and let's discuss your goals.


Professor Hendricks observes heavybag drills         Professor Billy Hendricks teaches guard passing methods

Boxing heavy bag work and Jiu-Jitsu instruction.



Adult Classes


 MMA (Mixed Martial Arts): This is where it all comes together. Learn to effectively combine your striking, grappling, and submission skills into the world's most effective fighting system for self-defense, sport, or just for fun. 


Sparring is always optional.


Jiu-Jitsu / Submission Grappling / Sambo / Judo :   GO BEYOND BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU!

Learn beginner through advanced grappling, self-defense and submission fighting techniques from Brazilian jiu-jitsu, judo, wrestling, and sambo. Discover the guard and mount positions. Learn throws and takedowns, positioning, sprawls, escapes, joint-locks, choke-holds, and much more.  These essential techniques are taught both with and without the gi (martial arts uniform). 


The Pancrase Academy is a world leader in the development of new grappling and submission fighting techniques.  If you love high-level jiu-jitsu we have it!


 Kickboxing: We teach the most effective striking techniques from boxing, kickboxing, karate and other vital striking arts. Learn proper punching and kicking fundamentals, footwork and head movement, "3D zone-steps", blocking, slipping punches, the use of elbows, knees and much, much more. 


Sparring is optional.


MMA Fitness:  Unlimited Fitness - Unlimited Classes

Train like real fighters in our "MMA Fighter Fitness" conditioning class.  Designed to burn fat, tone muscles and increase stamina, the fast-paced drills challenge students with cardio and resistance training in a single workout. No matter what your age or physical fitness level, you will love the energy and empowerment felt in each class.  A great workout, but without ever stepping in the ring.


Adult Class Schedule

Please call 720-988-8088

Try a FREE lesson!

Instructor Hotline Email

Stars Training Center

8 Garden Center, Broomfield, Colorado, 80020






FAQS: Questions & Answers


Professor Billy Hendricks observes teen MMA training Pro-boxerMercedes and Professor Hendricks practice ground fighting Pancrase MMA - flying armbar UFC fighter Nate Marquardt & trainer Billy Hendricks show techniqes for Grappling magazine Professor Billy Hendricks demonstrates chokes Professor Billy Hendricks practices kickboxing with students World Sambo Champ Al Pallone at the Pancrase Academy Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at Pancrase MMA

Q: How much do your classes cost?


A: Do you want the BEST or is your search for a MMA school focused only on finding the cheapest place to train?


Like most things in life, you only get what you pay for. Think about it, just like doctors, lawyers, and other skilled professionals, not all MMA instructors are equal. The recent UFC craze has attracted a wave of new,"wannabee" MMA instructors  Most of these guys have no real credentials and many have questionable backgrounds. Unfortunately, their main goal is making a quick buck at your expense............BEWARE!


Get your priorities straight.  Find the best quality instruction you can, then find a way to pay for it.  I know, the economy is bad and money is tight, but there is a way. Stop drinking so much beer, cut back on movies, expensive restaurants, night clubs, etc., you get the idea. Now is the time to finally make your commitment to a healthy lifestyle.  Once you do, you will never regret it and you will never go back.


*The cost of our group classes depends on two factors, how often you plan to attend, and if you are serious and willing to challenge yourself with a long-term commitment to training and personal growth.


*For the serious student, those willing to make a real commitment to their training, we offer special training plans. This is definitely the most cost effective way to learn martial arts.  We have 3, 6, and 12-month plans. Make monthly payments or pay all at once for an additional 10% discount.


Please, stop by the Academy and let's discuss your goals and how to achieve them at the lowest cost possible.


Private Lessons

Q: I have always thought about trying mixed martial arts and kickboxing, but I don't want to get hit. Is sparring required?

A: No, sparring is optional. We are NOT a tough-man fight club!  Our goal is to have fun while safely teaching high-level martial arts.  Most self-defense and conditioning-based striking instruction can be accomplished with training aids that make sparring unnecessary.


Q: What if I want to spar?

A: You must first prove that you have mastered the appropriate level of skill before you are allowed to spar. This is a safety precaution for all of our members.

Q: I'm not comfortable working with strangers. Do you offer private sessions?

A: Yes. There are many reasons to choose personal training over a group classes. Comfort, time restrictions, concerns over an injury, etc. 


Q: I want to fight.  Do you offer fighter training?


A: Of course!  We have trained many of the world's top fighters since opening in 1998.  Our high-level fighter training is conducted separately from the self-defense and recreational classes.  We have special rates for aspiring fighters as well as management services.


Q: Do you offer discounts?

A: Agree to participate in a 3, 6, or 12-month training program and you will receive substantial discounts over month to month rates.  


 Families - 50% discount to each additional family member who joins the academy.


 Police, Military - 25% off all training fees with valid ID.


Q: What special equipment do I need for martial arts classes?


A: MMA gloves, boxing gloves, wrist wraps, gi (martial arts uniform), mouth guard, protective cup.








   *Self-defense * MMA * Judo * Kickboxing * Sambo * Submission Wrestling * Boxing * Brazilian Jiu Jitsu * Karate * Ultimate Fighting * Muay Thai * Fitness 



Ideal for VIP's, busy executives and those with unique schedules or training requirements.

 Classes can be scheduled for virtually any time of the day or night, they are a great solution. 



Flexibility of Scheduling
Private sessions to suit the needs of even the busiest person.

Fast Progression
A single private session can be the equivalent of approximately three weeks of normal group training! 

In learning privately, you maximize your learning potential in the shortest time as possible.

Customized Progression
Everyone has their own natural strengths, weaknesses and specific needs as a student.
With private lessons, you work at your own pace, independent of a class to best 

maximize your strengths while eliminating any weaknesses.


For information or to schedule training call 720-988-8088

Instructor Hotline Email






History of PANCRASE

"The Father of Mixed Martial Arts"

 The origin of UFC-type Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) dates back to the ancient Greek Olympic games. First introduced in 648 B.C. at the 33rd Olympiad, a form of free-style martial arts called Pancration (Pancrase) would soon become the most popular and demanding of all athletic sports. Olympic Pancration integrated every physical and mental resource; hands and feet, mind and spirit, in the closest simulation of competitive fighting that any culture has ever allowed. It was considered the ultimate Olympic sport for over a thousand years. 

However, it was more than just a sport. Called by Philostratos the "Worthiest ontest in the Olympiads and the most important preparation for warriors", Pancration was the martial training of the Greek and Spartan armies and was taken to India with the legions of Alexander the Great, where it became the accepted ancestor of the oriental martial arts.

Today, Pancrase MMA is experiencing a worldwide re-birth with an increasing number of martial artists and athletes being drawn to the ancient "King of Olympic Sports".  Pancrase MMA is the ultimate martial art of modern times.