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Friday, January 23, 2015

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Top Reasons Why 99% of People That Start Jiu-Jitsu Will Never Reach Black Belt

Which bugs are living on YOUR gym kit? Hi-tech sports gear can be a breeding ground for bacteria that cause flu, norovirus and even MRSA, experts warn

Scott Coker opens up about Japanese MMA, CM Punk, Brooks vs. Aoki, MMA free agency and more

Fight Card For K-1's China vs. Japan Feb. 1st Event

The Path of Anderson Silva: Fear the Knee Strike

Victor Conte: Jon Jones Low Testosterone Levels Before UFC 182 Highly Suspicious

Lorenzo Fertitta resuscitates stalled 'Cyborg' negotiations, open to future Ronda Rousey UFC fight

Fighters Wanted - Team Quest Thailand MMA Sponsorship offered!

McGregor vs. Aldo: Who Won the First Psychological Engagement?

South Africa Expands WMMA Divisions; Two Fights Forthcoming

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver to Be Arrested on Corruption Charges Today

King Mo vs. Cheick Kongo Replaces Bobby Lashley vs. James Thompson at Bellator 134

UFC Fight Night 59 draws over 2.7M, Prelims grab 908K

Weighing the Options of Benson Henderson

VanSoest vs. Chajmaa Bellakhal Announced for Lion Fights

Buchecha V Keenan: Worm Guard? Not today!

Does Conor McGregor Deserve All Of The Credit For The Rise Of Irish MMA?

ONE FC’s Herbert Burns Top 5 Takedowns For Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Dan Henderson feels he is still capable of a UFC title reign

Pac-Man Gives Mayweather a Deadline




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Thursday, January 22, 2015

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UFC Execs Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta Comment on Cung Les Retirement

UFC Fight Night Boston Salaries: McGregor Earns Event-High $170K, Cerrone Pockets $146K

UFC Road to the Octagon: Gustafsson Vs Johnson

Pancrase 266: King Shintaro Ishiwatari defends, ROAD FC contender Kume Takasuke home

Raw video of Dave Herman arrest contradicts police report painting tased UFC vet as 'aggressive'

Mirko Cro Cop Returning to UFC For a Third Time

Barefisted, Ken Shamrock to continue the fight – whether or not you like it

Former Strikeforce Champion Cung Le Announces His Retirement


Kimbo Slice wants Seth Petruzelli or Tito Ortiz for his first Bellator fight

Drill To Kill: Science Backs Up Effectiveness of Drilling for Jiu-Jitsu

Liz Carmouche Vs. Lauren Murphy Added To Ufc Fight Night 63

Openweight Champ Ken Hasegawa drops to Middleweight to face Ryuta Sakurai at DEEP 71 Impact

The Overeem Brothers Fight at Milan Fashion Week

Nevada Athletic Commission: All of Jon Jones' post-UFC 182 drug tests come back clean

Top 10 Excuses People Use To Not Try Jiu-Jitsu & How To Counter Them

ONE FC Indonesia’s Fransino Tirta on Jens Pulver: “I have what it takes to be world champion”

“Strength fixes everything” 8 Strength Training Rules For Jiu-Jitsu

Lion Fight 21: Kevin Ross vs. Tetsuya Yamato II, Tiffany Van Soest vs. Chajmaa Bellekhal Among Several Confirmed Bouts

MMA In The Streets Of Kabul (Trailer)





Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Pancrase Newswire

Denver, Broomfield, CO

by1Wrestling News Team

Ladies and Gentleman. My name is Brian Heffron and I am here to tell you that I am……a Phyllis Lee Guy. Yes I am Brian Heffron. Yes I am The Blue Meanie. Yes I was trained by the man who went on to not only be my trainer but my big brother and best friend in Al Snow. Yes I have been wrestling for the better part of 20 going on 21 years. Yes I got to wrestle for ECW during their hottest period. Yes I got to be a part of ECW’s best known factions in the BLUE World Order. Yes I got to wrestle in the WWE during the Attitude Era. Yes I got to be in a WrestleMania. Yes I am one of the coaches at the WORLD FAMOUS Monster Factory. Yes I got to do SO MANY great and wonderful things in the wrestling business. BUT…….BUT…..there is no way I get to do these things if not for the help, guidance and love of Phyllis Lee.

Unfortunately the world lost Phyllis January 18, 2015 on a Sunday afternoon from a severe case of pneumonia. Her family has told me that her last days were peaceful. Though her last days were peaceful it’s still hard to fathom how many lives may have been if not for this wonderful woman. Phyllis Lee in many ways has been an unsung hero to many in the world of professional wrestling. Phyllis who was a tough female wrestler went onto work closely with Boris Malenko and his wrestling camp in Florida. She went on to help and guide many aspiring wrestlers and seasoned wrestlers who needed advice over the past several decades. She even made the cross over to MMA to advice and guide several Mix Martial Artists. Wrestlers and MMA fighters she has helped like Sean Waltman, Bobby Blaze, Willie Wilkins, Scott Levy, Al Snow, Sabu,
Shane Carwin, Nate Marquardt, Carlos Condit, Ron Waterman, Geza Kalman, Dan Severn and myself. That is just a small percentage of people she has helped. To those names I missed I apologize.

I grew up wanting to be a professional wrestler. I NEEDED to be a professional wrestler. All my life I watched wrestling. Lived wrestling. Breathed wrestling. Ate wrestling. I was wrestling junkie. I would scour the tv dial for ANYTHING pro wrestling. Anything from WWF. To NWA.To AWA. To World Class. To UWF. I even found and watch pro wrestling from Hawaii in Polynesian Pro Wrestling. I bought all the magazines. Later I would add on to Dave Meltzer’s “Wrestling Observer” and Wade Keller’s “Pro Wrestling Torch” News Letters. It’s in that era I started learning and finding the world of pro wrestling schools. I mean I KNEW of The Monster Factory an hour away in New Jersey but I wasn’t well informed in anything other than there.

Through Dave Meltzer I learned of of A) The Monster Factory try outs and B) Boris Malenko had a wrestling school. To be honest those would have been my choices. I tried out at the Monster Factory the day after WrestleMania 8 and was put through the try out by none other Glenn Ruth of the Headbangers. Larry Sharpe and legendary New Jersey promoter Dennis Coraluzzo oversaw the tryouts as well. I would have loved to gone to the Monster Factory. How could I not? They produced (and still do) some of the best BIG men in the business. Guys from King Kong Bundy and Bam Bam Bigelow were his best know “Big Men” at that time and being a big guy myself that would be the obvious choice. After the try out Larry Sharpe brought myself and only 2 others of the 8-9 people that tried out. Larry went over all the particulars of what would entail training there. We shook hands and I went home seriously considering going to The Monster Factory.

Now there was also the Malenko wrestling school based out of Tampa, Florida. I had recently discovered Joe and Dean Malenko through tape trading and saw a spectacular match they had with one of my ALL TIME favorite tag teams in The British Bulldogs from All Japan Pro Wrestling. Through the Observer Newsletter I got the mailing address for the Malenko school and sent off a letter asking for whatever info they could give me. Now just as much as Bam Bam Bigelow was a factor in me possibly choosing The Monster Factory. I considered the Malenko camp because of my admiration of not only Joe and Dean Malenko but I also know that’s where The Lightening Kid (Sean Waltman) had trained. I had become a HUGE fan of Sean’s work through his work in The Global Wrestling Federation and again through tape trading. I loved his matches with Jerry Lynn, in Minnesota with Sabu and strong style match I saw him have with Willie Wilkins (Beef Wellington).

I sent out a letter of inquiry to the Malenko school and with in a month to a month and a half I get a letter from……….W. Unity, Ohio? Who do I know in WEST Unity Ohio?! The name above the address written in beautifully written script read Phyllis Lee. Who is Phyllis Lee? I opened the letter to read a letter from Phyllis telling me that the Malekno’s had received my letter and had her correspond with me. The letter put 2 and 2 together on why someone from Ohio was corresponding with a kid who sent a letter of inquiry from New Jersey to Tampa, Florida as she told me she worked with the Malenko’s for a VERY LONG time.

This was 1993 with month unknown but I do remember Phyllis and I corresponding via letter a lot. This was before the days before email, text, Myspace, Facebook and Twitter. In this day and age if you wanted to talk to someone you had to pick up a phone and call or hand write your thoughts to paper, buy an envelope, buy a stamp (which were 24 cents at THAT time) put the letter IN the envelope, WALK to a mailbox and drop the letter in. Phyllis talked to me about the cost of Malenko’s camp, the cost of living in Tampa and all the students that had gone through there. She would talk GLOWINGLY of Sean Waltman and you could tell how proud she had been of him. Very motherly in a way. It was in the way I heard her not only talk about the wrestlers at Malenko’s but the way she seemed to genuinely care about the wrestlers that sold me on going to Tampa.

So I worked and worked and worked at a job as a security guard at Trump Plaza in Atlantic City. Thankfully my grandparents who had raised me along with my mother allowed me to save and save and save all the money I needed to for not only the tuition for wrestling school but seed money for living expenses once I got moved and got settled in. Phyllis and I had gone from writing to talking on the phone. If her letters had come across as warm and motherly then talking to her on the phone was even more so. We talked about life. We talked about family. We talked about wrestling. I learned so much from simply talking to Phyllis on the phone that I felt like I had a mental jump start for wrestling before I put in mile one and took my first bump in the ring.

If the Makeno school was going to be my wrestling school then Phyllis Lee was my preparatory school teacher. She was knowledgeable and more importantly brutally honest. As time went on she started pushing for me to get the ball rolling. Crap or get off the pot so to speak. I had already sent her my tuition for Malenko’s and if I was going to do this I had to SOON. Every call started with “So when are you leaving?”. “I know. I know” would be my retort. I wanted to be a wrestler. I know wanted to go to the Great Malenko’s wrestling school. The one thing that kept me stutter stepping out the door to follow through was the then cost of living down in Tampa. I was fairly young and wasn’t wise to what was/wasn’t reasonable to rent a place to live but at that time and for what it cost to live in what was essentially a efficiency seemed like a lot.

To put it into perspective I now live in a 3 bedroom house and the rent for my house is only a few dollars more then what they wanted for a broom closet in Tampa. I addressed this as a concern to Phyllis and she understood. To Phyllis’ credit she gave it much thought and helped come up with an alternative. This is how awesome Phyllis Lee is. I was 19 when she started talking to me. I was 20 when I sent her THOUSANDS of dollars to pursue my dream of being a professional wrestler. Here I was talking about my concern about moving because of the cost of living. Some people would have kept my money and told me to take off or kept my money and totally no sold me and left me hanging.

Phyllis Lee didn’t. Phyllis was an honest and trusting person. Phyllis had MY best interest at heart. So knowing my concerns Phyllis came back to me and said “Well there’s Al Snow’s school here in Ohio….”. Those words were not only SO out of no where but in hind site would turn out to be one of the best decision I would ultimately make. She told me Al Snow had a school in Lima, Ohio. Al’s school was the same price as Malenko’s but not only was the cost of living a fraction of what it was in Tampa but I could live IN the actual school in Lima. Plus, I could finally get to meet Phyllis who I had only known through email and phone calls.

At that time I had sparingly heard of Al through reading the newsletters and reading results. At the time his feud with Sabu had started heating up. Having only heard Al Snow’s name and having Phyllis endorse Al. I had never seen Al wrestle nor did I know anyone who he had trained at that time. I knew the Monster Factory because of guys like King Kong Bundy and Bam Bam Bigelow. I knew the Malenko school because of Joe and Dean Malenko and Sean Waltman. I knew who they were and what wrestler produced.

Today ironically I am a coach at the same Monster Factory I tried out at in Paulsboro, NJ. The now owner Danny Cage asked me “why didn’t you train at the Monster Factory?”. Which is a great question. I lived in NJ. I lived an hour away. Why not? It has nothing to do with what I saw and experienced at The Monster Factory that was the deciding factor of going elsewhere. It was the fact that I really need to fly away from the nest. If I had stayed in NJ and trained NJ. Once my mother and grandmother would have seen the bruises. Seen the lumps. Heard my moans of pain. They would have tried their hardest to get me to quit. I was their blond haired, blue eyed baby boy. In hind site I was leaving my actual mom and grand mom who didn’t under stand wrestling and pursuing my dream under the guidance of the woman who essentially became my wrestling mom. A “mom” who understood and knew the wrestling business.

On the word of a woman who I had never met. A woman I had only talked to through letter and email. A woman I trustingly sent thousands of dollars. A woman who did not take advantage of my naivety like most others would. On the word of Phyllis Lee I chose to go to Al Snow’s Bodyslammer’s Wrestling Gym in Lima, Ohio. On March 4, 1994 I walked with my mother as we walked to work at the casinos. On the corner of Morris and Arctic Avenue I had the epiphany to turn to mom and say. “I have to start wrestling. I’m gonna leave in 2 weeks”. I later told my grandparents and then put in my 2 weeks notice at work. On Monday morning March 21, 1994. The day after Wrestlemania 10 I drove from Atlantic City, NJ to Lima, Ohio. All on the blind faith I put into Phyllis Lee.

Once I met Phyllis that blind faith I put into Phyllis simply became “FAITH”. I would not have made it if not for Phyllis Lee. As many wrestler’s would tell you they owe THEIR careers and success to Phyllis Lee. All those letters, all those phone calls, all those countless car rides, all those countless shows I did with Al Snow and Phyllis would turn out to be a huge learning experience and worth their weight in not only gold….but platinum. Thank you Phyllis Lee. I love you. I will miss you. And like most others. I owe you.

Rest In Peace,
A Phyllis Lee Guy




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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Pancrase Newswire

Denver, Broomfield, CO


Rest in Peace Phyllis Lee

Former pro wrestling, key MMA figure Phyllis Lee passes away

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PANCRASE News - Phyllis Lee "The first Lady of MMA"  is GONE!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pancrase Newswire

Denver, Broomfield, CO


Phyllis with some of her fighters


I am sad to report that my good friend and business associate of nearly 20 years, Mrs. Phyllis Lee, has died last Sunday from pneumonia. 


Phyllis was one of the true pioneers of MMA.  During her long career as a manager and booking agent she helped many of world's top mma fighters achieve their dreams of stardom and success.  Her only regret was that many of those stars forgot the woman who helped them to the top.


Phyllis, please rest in peace.  We will never forget you.


Your friend always

Will Hendricks

Pancrase USA MMA




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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pancrase Newswire

Denver, Broomfield, CO


Mayhem Miller Sends Warning To Attackers: “Fear For Your Existence”

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Pancrase Newswire

Denver, Broomfield, CO


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UFC 186: TJ Dillashaw-Renan Barao II, Rory MacDonald-Hector Lombard Among Several Confirmed Bouts

Prankster Marcelo Garcia at it again with three new surprise black belt promotions




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Sunday, January 18, 2015

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Denver, Broomfield, CO


World Series of Fighting (WSOF) 17 LIVE results, video stream

UFC Fight Night: McGregor vs. Siver weigh-in results and live streaming video

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WSOF's Brian Foster spent nearly $50K and four years proving to everyone there's nothing wrong with his brain

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

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Denver, Broomfield, CO


Bellator 132 Results: Pitbull vs. Straus

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UFC Announces New International VP

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Friday, January 16, 2015

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Denver, Broomfield, CO


GSP Is Probably Never Coming Back

Mac Danzig speaks up on UFC lawsuit: 'you can't abuse what you've created'

McGregor faces Siver end route to title fight, Henderson vs. Cerrone III co-headlines UFC Fight Night this weekend

Manager, sparring partner exonerate Anderson Silva from training day knockout video

In Capable Hands

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PANCRASE 265 sets Kazuki Tokudome’s Japan return against Shooto Pac Rim Champ Yoshihiro Koyama

UFC on FOX 16 coming to Chicago in July

Freire to defend FW belt against Strauss at Bellator 132

Kyra Gracie Olympic Aspirations‏

Taiwan’s PRO FC looks to crowd funding to launch 10th event in March

Rigan Machado on Ashton Kutcher’s Real Level in BJJ. Compares His Body Type to Roger Gracie’s

Reebok Announces Partnership With Conor McGregor

Esparza vs. Jedrzejczyk Title Fight Co-Headlines UFC 185

Garner vs. Musaev announced for Feb. 21 M-1 Challenge 55 in Tbilisi, Georgia

Kunlun Fight holds its first full MMA cage event in Nanjing, China on January 18th




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Thursday, January 15, 2015

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Denver, Broomfield, CO


Johny Hendricks vs. Matt Brown Added To UFC 185, Thatch vs. Thompson Headlines UFC Fight Night 60

The End of Dana White

No Holds Barred: Nevada State Athletic Commission Passes the Buck on Doping

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MMA World News Headlines

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Pancrase Newswire

Denver, Broomfield, CO


Nevada Athletic Commission considers forming committee to examine changes to drug testing code

How to Enjoy a Fight with Jack Slack (Trailer)

Jon Jones mother reveals 'Bones' spent just one night in rehab, is 'glad' son returned positive drug test

Ring of Combat 50: “American Idol of MMA” to Feature Seven Championship Fights

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Pancrase Newswire

Denver, Broomfield, CO


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Ron Stallings steps in to fight Uriah Hall at Sunday's UFC Fight Night 59,

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MMA World News Headlines

Monday, January 12, 2015

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Denver, Broomfield, CO


Becoming Fedor: Stepping Out of the Shadows

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UFC lightweight Ben Henderson holds off on potential move to welterweight

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Greg Jackson on fear, meditation, and pressure

Garry Tonon Subs Bellator MMA's Marcin Held at Polaris Pro Jiu-Jitsu Invitational

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Season 1, Episode 1: BJJ NO-Mad– BJJ Documentary Travel Series, “First Rule of the Fight Club”

CM Punk may represent a return to integrity in MMA, unless he doesn’t

Oleg Taktarov on advocating MMA training for children, promoting Sambo tournaments in US

Vadim Finkelchtein discusses M-1 Global’s 2015 schedule and their plans to start digital subscription service

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

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Denver, Broomfield, CO


Njokuani Decisions TUF 17 Vet Smith in RFA 22 Headliner, Welterweight Title Remains Vacant

PANCRASE 264 features Featherweight King Takumi vs Nam Phan, Will Chope vs Satoshi Inaba

Martial Art Pretenders: A History of Imitators and Snake Oil

Lion Fight 20 Gets New Main Event

SHOOTO 1st Round: Caol Uno gets a shot at the Pac Rim title against Yoshifumi Nakamura

RFA 22 video highlights: Some tough Chidi Njokuani striking and crazy stoppages

Wanderlei Silva Supports Jones, Rips NSAC For Allowing CM Punk To Fight

Common Jiu-Jitsu Skin Diseases & Treatments

Darren Uyenoyama counters Ernesto Montilla’s call out for PXC match, chastises “protected fighters”

Tuff-n-uff to Crown Invicta 155/145 Tournament Champions

The Maine-iac: A Sherdog Retrospective

Stop looking for Jesus, War Machine has found him

ZST 44: Yojiro Uchimura back for Welterweight Title, Flyweight title Ryo Hatta vs Seiichiro Ito

The Pablo Popovitch Diet: A Simple Way to Speed Up Your Metabolism

Legacy FC 40 set for March in Atlanta with heavyweight title, Betzold-Lima

Gladiator 80 in Wakayama, Japan for triple Title match event headed by Yuki Kuroda vs Shota Fujii

How To Subtract Ten Years From Your Age – Instantly!

Superbank Bests Muangthai in Rajadamnern Battle Between Two of Muay Thais Brightest Stars

Gracie Diet: The best top 10 vegetables for your health

Philippines new promotion “Kumbati sa Sogod” sees URCC vet MJ Abrillo meet Julius Gonzaga on January 25th




MMA World News Headlines

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Pancrase Newswire

Denver, Broomfield, CO


Jon Jones Drug Test Samples Undergo Additional Testing,...

10 lessons from the Jon Jones drug testing debacle

The Curious Case of Jon Jones' Low Testosterone

NSAC Executive Director: Jon Jones Carbon Isotope Testing (CIT) Came Back Clean

The Underground Fighters Of Cuba

Arm Breaking American Style: The Book of Mark Schultz

Broadcast Ban on UFC Programming in Germany Declared Illegitimate in Munich Court

Georges St-Pierre on New Fightography Series

Polaris Professional Jiu Jitsu Invitational Preview

50-year-old Ken Shamrock to bareknuckle box 'King of the Travellers' James Quinn McDonagh

105 Leg Lock Techniques In Just 9 Minutes - Jason Scully

ROAD FC 21 adds Kim Soo-Chul vs Wagner Campos, Shinji Sasaki vs “Armbar” Kim

Aljamain Sterling-Manny Gamburyan 135-Pound Tilt Added to UFC on Fox 15

The Styles of Indian Martial Arts

WSOF 18: Moraes vs. Hill set for February 12

The 2015 Guide to MMA in New York

Break it Down: Triangle

Former Lumpinee, Rajdamnern WBC, and WPMF Champion Saketdao Petphayathai Joins Evolve MMA

Watch the Best of Joe Rogan’s Jiu-Jitsu

Fightland Sitdowns: Royce Gracie




MMA World News Headlines

Friday, January 09, 2015

Pancrase Newswire

Denver, Broomfield, CO


His Mind Right, Alvin Robinson Continues His Final Run at Friday’s RFA 22

Belfort has passed three random drugs test ahead of UFC 184

Ken Shamrock announces April foray into bareknuckle boxing

Anti-doping expert: With 'odd' testosterone readings, CIR test needed on Jones' samples

Super-antibiotic that could wipe out diseases from MRSA to TB is hailed as a 'game-changer' by scientists

Ronda Rousey: Cat Zingano “an extremely dangerous opponent”

Jon Jones Drug Test Shows Very Low Testosterone, More Results To Come

Nevada State Athletic Commission Public Meeting Agenda for Jan. 12, 2015

UFC 186 set for Montreal in April, other potential 2015 locations announced

Deputy Attorney to Review Whether Jon Jones Lied at NSAC Hearing

Nate Diaz Calls Jon Jones Entering Rehab A Publicity Stunt

Dana White: Anderson Silva will get middleweight title shot with win over Nick Diaz

Bellator 132: Dustin Jacoby vs. John Salter Among Seven, Prelim Bouts

Gilbert Smith Taking Things to the Next Level with RFA Title Shot

GRANDSLAM 2 Way of the Cage: Masakatsu Ueda and Victor Henry Headline

Glory: Analyzing the struggles

Guard Passing Fundamentals volume 1 Toreador pass

“Beast of the East” No Gi Grappling tournament to debut in Sarawak

GLORY 19 Co-Headline Bout Announced One-Night Tournament Finalized

Well Water vs. River Water: Kungfu and Security in China




MMA World News Headlines

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Pancrase Newswire

Denver, Broomfield, CO


Jon Jones tests positive for cocaine metabolites, enters into drug-treatment facility

New report suggests Jon Jones failed drug test was 'erroneous' and 'shouldn't have been done'

UFC should strip Jon Jones of title following cocaine controversy

Ashlee Evans-Smith on NSAC agenda; UFC notifies camp of failed drug test

Daniel Cormier Reacts To Jon Jones’ Failed Drug Test

WSOF executive Shawn Lampman sentenced to ten months in federal prison for tax conviction

The Fighting Irish: Birth of a Fistic Tradition

UFC 182 medical suspensions: Four fighters potentially sidelined for six months

Watch & Learn 49 Kimura & Americana Set Ups in Just 6 minutes

Werdum Calls For ‘Old-School’ MMA Rules Against Jones

Jiu-Jitsu Fit: Best bodyweight exercises for a killer conditioning on the mats

Cerrone Not Game Planning for Third Meeting with Henderson: ‘It’s Just a Fight’

A British Teenager Is Testing Himself at Bangkok’s Biggest Stadiums

Boxing News: Alvarado Arrested on Weapons Charge Just Weeks Before Trilogy Bout

Ever wonder what it’s like to train Jiu-Jitsu at the age of 64? This blue belt can tell you

What Corey Hill's horrific injury can teach us about trauma, memory and recovery

Fighters React To Ufc Champion Jon Jones Failed Drug Test...

Full Metal Dojo 4 set for Feb. 21 in Bangkok

Life of a Pad-Man: A Muay Thai Trainer's Remorse

'50-year-old' Dan Henderson respects Jon Jones as a fighter, but not as a person




MMA World News Headlines

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Pancrase Newswire

Denver, Broomfield, CO


Manager reflects on 14 years with Tim Sylvia

Gustafsson Requests USADA Drug Testing for Rumble Ahead of UFC on Fox 14 Bout

Despite 'disappointing' end to career, Tim Sylvia would have liked a second crack at Frank Mir

Dana White: Herb Dean did a 'horrible job' in the fifth round of Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier UFC 182 title fight

PANCRASE signs former King and Sengoku Champ Marlon Sandro to multi-fight deal

Want to send your kids to taekwondo or karate? BJJ may be better

Oleg Taktarov weighs in on the Crimean crisis and Americans perception of Russia

Donald Cerrone replaces Eddie Alvarez, fights Benson Henderson at UFC Fight Night 59

Blue Beltitis': Why Some People Quit BJJ at Blue Belt

M-1 Challenge 55 kicks-off new season Feb. 21 in Georgia Event dedicated to memory of Guram Gugenishvili

Jon Jones' wrestling coach told him he could break Daniel Cormier 'because I've seen him break before'

What’s next for Lyoto Machida?

Victory over Siver Is Imperative for McGregor's Legacy

Jiujitsu: Stripes, Belts, Gi (nogi)… what does it all mean?!

Invicta FC President Shannon Knapp Recaps a Year of Rebuilding and New Beginnings

19 Best Pull-Ups for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Grappling

Holly Holm Is Both Pumped and Anxious about Her UFC Debut

5 Reasons Why Martial Arts Boosts Confidence

10 tips everyone should know before start training Jiu-Jitsu

Voltaire and Vale Tudo: MMA's Roots in the Enlightenment



MMA World News Headlines

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Pancrase Newswire

Denver, Broomfield, CO


UFC breaks promise, jacks up pay-per-view prices in 2015

UFC 182 salaries: Jon Jones handily tops payroll list after Daniel Cormier win

UFC Fight Pass Acquires Rights to PANCRASE library

Stuart Scott Reportedly Continued MMA Training Even in Final Stages of Life

2014 DOI Awards

World Series of Fighting Finalizes 5-Bout Main Card for WSOF 17 ‘Shields vs. Foster’

What’s Next For UFC 182′s Biggest Winners/Losers?

What Is The Most Effective Kick?

Victory over Siver Is Imperative for McGregor's Legacy

Jon Jones is the man we just love to hate

Duke Roufus: Ben Askren is stoked to work with CM Punk

Rampage: ‘Bellator Was Like Minor Leagues’

UFC 182: Josh Burkman Posts Pic of Damaged Leg Following Loss to Hector Lombard

Jones says he's "sure " he and Cormier will fight again

Videos: Kunlun Fights #15

UFC Origins: Victorian London

Woman Sailor In Dubai Triangle Choked Rapist

Jon Jones: ‘I’m Now Going To Work for my Black Belt in Jiu-Jitsu’


Roots of Fight - Gene LeBell vs Savage featuring Ronda Rousey




MMA World News Headlines

Monday, January 05, 2015

Pancrase Newswire

Denver, Broomfield, CO


8 fighters removed from UFC roster, inluding Ike Vallie Flagg

UFC Fight Pass acquires fight libraries from KOTC, Cage Rage, Pancrase, and more

UFC 182 Aftermath: Jon Jones the greatest of all time? Not quite yet

PANCRASE on TV Tokyo from Year 2015

Silva Has Much to Prove Against Nick Diaz

UFC 182: Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier Full Fight Video Highlights

Its Time To Give Jon Jones His Due As The Best MMA Fighter Of All Time

Jon Jones Uses Title Fight to Prove a Point to Daniel Cormier

Donald Cerrone Unhappy with UFC 182 Myles Jury Fight: ‘What a Joke’

Tim Sylvia retires

Jon Jones: Daniel Cormier Is Known to Break When You Dont Submit to His Alpha

Daniel Cormier vows to rebound from loss to Jon Jones: 'This is not going to ruin me'

TV Anthony Bourdain on his Passion for Jiu-Jitsu: ‘I’m in the Best Shape in my Life’

Helio Gracie V Masahiko Kimura 1951

Matches to Make After UFC 182

Fighter Physiology

WSOF 2014 year in review

Watch 68 year old Red Belt Hilton Leao Rolling with Black Belts in UAE

From Video Games To Real Life, Here’s How Martial Arts Changed This 14 Year Old Boy’s Life

UFC’s Alexander Gustafsson Wasn’t “Impressed” With Jon Jones’ UFC 182 Win




MMA World News Headlines

Sunday, January 04, 2015

Pancrase Newswire

Denver, Broomfield, CO


UFC 182: Jones vs. Cormier Live Results

Live UFC Fight Pass Update Announcement

6 Steps To Improve Your Guard For Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Tim Sylvia weighs in at 371, not cleared to fight

Kunlun Fight #15 Stream and Results

What To Do Against A Disengaging Opponent Like Brendan Schnaub? Attack Like Marcelo Garcia…

GLORY 19: Raymond Daniels to Face Jonathan Oliveira in Welterweight Tourney

What’s the journey to black belt? Two newly promoted Yemaso BJJ students explain

Tito Ortiz slugged by WEC veteran during New Year's Eve brawl in Las Vegas

Free "Buchecha" Seminar at the World JJ League

A Cautionary Chael

Fan Q&A w/ CM Punk

BJJ Mental Coach: “Have you ever blamed a referee for your loss?”

Cesar Colón: The Perpetual White Belt

The MMA Prospectus: The rise of the Russian Karateka

A Tribute to Russian Sambo

Daniel Cormier learns secret Kill Switch techniques from Steven Seagal

Marcus Brimage just wants to drive his own damn car


Genki Sudo’s Epic 8 Man BJJ Tournament in a Japanese Temple




MMA World News Headlines

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Pancrase Newswire

Denver, Broomfield, CO


UFC 182 Live Weigh In Results And Stream

UFC 182 tickets still available online, but Dana White predicts 750k PPV buys for 'Jones vs. Cormier'

Jack Slack: Donald Cerrone's Game Changer

Nelson Monteiro, 6th Degree BJJ Black Belt, Accused of Domestic Violence

Myles Jury and the Most Important Fight of His Life

Dana White confirms Robbie Lawler-Johny Hendricks trilogy fight

Andre Galvao On Why He Doesn’t Want to Rematch Ryron Gracie in Metamoris

White: Pay-per-view isn't dead

Dana White: UFC Abandons Plans for Out-of-Competition Drug Testing

Meet the Most Terrifying Man in UFC

Gaining the Edge: Flotation Tanks

'Diablita' retired from combat sports but suffering cognitive symptoms

Watch 58 yr Old Coral Belt Fabio Santos Rolling. Still Flexible & Strong

Altercation broke out between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier's camps

Angelica and Andre Galvao This Week in BJJ Episode

Angelica and Andre Galvao This Week in BJJ Episode 68 Part 2 of 2

The Blue Belt Crossroads and Why The Cauliflower Chronicles is Required BJJ Reading

3 Title Fights headline WFC 13 in Sacramento

BJJ Mental Coach: ‘Who Do You Hang Out With?’

Metamoris V - Renzo Gracie Mugging Story




PANCRASE MMA Purple Belt Takes On 50 Marines!

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Pancrase Newswire

Denver, Broomfield, CO


Pancrase Purple Belt, Chase Owen is seen here reenlisting in the Marine Corps in spectacular fashion. This may well be the first time a Marine has reenlisted in grappling gear and flip flops. Additionally, Chase followed the ceremony by grappling against 50 Marines in a row!


Congratulations, Chase!




MMA World News Headlines

Friday, January 02, 2015

Pancrase Newswire

Denver, Broomfield, CO


MMA’s Best of 2014

The Cutman: Unsung Hero of the Octagon

Fighters & MMA personalities make their 2015 New Year's resolutions

K-1 USA vs. China Live Results

Here’s that crazy Shinya Aoki Twister finish at IGF’s NYE show

Pros Pick: Jones vs. Cormier

Mark Schultz tweets his extreme anger with the director of Foxcather, Bennett Miller

10 reasons to watch UFC 182, most of which are Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier

Donald Cerrone says he spent $20,000 for training camp

Questions with V.V Mei!

Kyoji Horiguchi Will Be the UFC's First Japanese Champion

Jon Jones' Secret Weapon

Tarec Saffiedine Withdrawing From UFC FN 60

Tarec Saffiedine out of UFC Fight Night 60 with groin injury

Numerous sources confirm Fedor Emelianenko still not interested in return to MMA

Duke Roufus out to prove CM Punks naysayers wrong

Xande Ribeiro Is Back!

No Holds Barred: Jake Shannon on Catch Wrestling in 2015


Vinny Magalhaes: ‘Lightweight BJJ Matches Nowadays Are So Boring’




MMA World News Headlines

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Pancrase Newswire

Denver, Broomfield, CO


DEEP Dream Impact live results and updates from New Years Eve event in Saitama

‘Cro Cop’ Crushes Ishii with Head Kick, Aoki Lands Twister at ‘Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye 2014’

MMA Career Could Be in Store for Decorated Collegiate Wrestler, Olympic Hopeful Ed Ruth

Bellator MMA 2014 year in review

UFC Brings In New York Law Legal Team For Antitrust Defense

Titan CEO Jeff Aronson says rumors that CBS canceled their TV deal are false

GLORY Possibly Looking to Expand into MMA Waters in 2015

The Olympian

Does the length of fight careers matter in the UFC antitrust lawsuit?

Dr. Rhadi Ferguson Talks UFC 182 Predictions With Former UFC Champion And MMA Legend Pat Miletich

Dana White: CM Punk will train at Roufusport with Anthony Pettis

Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier fight simulation video

Kierkegaard's Philosophy and Fighting: The Dizziness of Decision

Marcelo Garcia teaches two ways to escape side control

Strawweight Vet Lynn Alvarez Re-Signs to Invicta

No More Brazilians for Anderson Silva

JiuJitsu & You: 2015 Goal Setting Top Ten

Athlete with Down Syndrome Gets Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Tererê rolls with Telles in Rio in a TT Jiu-Jitsu revival

The All-Nighter Fights in Isaan, Thailand




MMA World News Headlines

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Pancrase Newswire

Denver, Broomfield, CO


Four Reasons Jon Jones Will Lose To Daniel Cormier At UFC 182

Man standing in the way of MMA in NY is under FBI investigation

The League of Supermen

UFC 182 Embedded, Episode 1: Cerrone Hits the Snow; Jones Takes a Shot

Gaps in the Armor: the gameplan for Daniel Cormier to beat Jon Jones, part 1 of 2

Legacy Fighting Championship's year in review

The Bumblebee Boxing Club: Reaching Beyond the Sport in Seattle

A New Hope

Michael Johnson reinstated by UFC after April arrest

Holm vs. Pennington Targeted For UFC 184 In February

Fightland Meets: Liz Carmouche

DEEP Dream Impact to Feature 22 Fights, Multiple Champions

Jackson’s management clarifies severing ties with Bellator

Champ Jon Jones changes story on Nike drop, says it was mutual agreement

Back to Basics: Keep it Simple, Keep it Clean

Timing is Key for Gegard Mousasi Ahead of Henderson Bout

Xande Ribeiro To Return To BJJ Competitions in 2015 but Not IBJJF

No Holds Barred: Bermane Stiverne, Deontay Wilder, Don King, Eric Gomez Conference Call

Brutal ‘Rolling Ninja Choke’ Submission

Rare Footage Of Carlson Gracie In Bareknuckle Vale Tudo Fight From 1955




MMA World News Headlines

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Pancrase Newswire

Denver, Broomfield, CO


The Fowlksies: Incomplete, weirdly specific, and wholly invented 2014 awards

Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier: Bad Blood And Countdown To UFC 182

Vadim Finkelchtein pleased with the UFC’s potential involvement in Russia, but doubts they can turn a profit

Diego Sanchez Has Two Cars Stollen From Driveway

Ronda Rousey Once Again Fighter Of Year At Bazzies

Filipovic to defend IGF title, Aoki co-headlines Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye 2014

The Importance of Anderson Silva's Return

Women’s MMA hall of fame fighters

Anderson Silva: Jon Jones taught me a few things I didn't know about striking

UFC 182 Statistical Matchup Analysis: Jones vs. Cormier

DEEP Dream Impact NYE update: Mizuno Hirota’s last minute opponent to be Kim Kyu-Hwa

The UFC kicks off 2015 with LHW champion Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier grudge match

Hydration for Muay Thai Athletes

Bec Rawlings Calls Out ‘Sqor’ For Failure To Pay

Joe Rogan’s Opinion on Ashton Kutcher’s Controversial Purple Belt in Jiu-Jitsu

UFC Fight Pass a success in first year?

Know This Fighter: Tiger Muay Thai’s George Hickman

Roufusport to Enter the Professional Wrassling Business

Risky Attacks Gone Wrong, Biggest Fails In MMA History

Old School Jiu-Jitsu




MMA World News Headlines

Monday, December 29, 2014

Pancrase Newswire

Denver, Broomfield, CO


Hackers release user info, credit card numbers following possible UFC Fight Pass data breach

The Top 5 MMA Stories of 2014

Edson Barboza vs. Michael Johnson slated for UFC Fight Night 61

Rickson Gracie: ‘A Black Belt Competitor is Just an Amateur Black Belt’

Killing the King: Jon Jones

Fitch: The system is set up for business, not the people

Don Frye predicts next three big fights

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 6 Rules of Success (for Martial Arts)

Don Frye distrusts fighters involved in UFC lawsuit: They're going to take their check, and they’re going to run

UFC Bad Blood: The Time Is Now

The Ultimate Fighter 20 'depressed' Felice Herrig: 'It's so far from reality'

Cole Miller: CM Punk is going to surprise and 'kick somebody's ass' in the UFC

One Shot World Series 4 Results and Videos

VIDEO: Jon Fitch Offers Strategy Against Social Injustice; Disrupt the Money Flow

Patricio “Pitbull” Says Media Doesn’t Give Bellator Fighters The Credit They Deserve

Ring Girl Jade Bryce no longer with Bellator

UFC 182: Donald Cerrones Coach Has Noticed Shift in Lightweight Contender

Rep em' like Beckham: Ajay Chander discusses how EPOK Agency and Soul Artist Management partnership will be future of UFC fighter representation

53 Year Old TKO’s 21 Year Old in MMA Bout

Rungnarai, Wanchai and Satarnmuanglek Triumph in End of Year Extravaganza at Siam Omnoi




MMA World News Headlines

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Pancrase Newswire

Denver, Broomfield, CO


The rise and fall and rise of Xtreme Couture

Antitrust lawsuit, if successful, could unravel the UFC

Rousey wins CSAC arbitration hearing against Fight Tribe

Tips to take Your BJJ to the next Level in 2015

DEEP Dream Impact Niconico live stream link and instructions for New Years Eve event

UFC 2015 Schedule Has More International Than U.S. Events

The Best Moments In Women’s MMA Of 2014 (Videos)

M-1 Global Announces 12 Events for 2015

Video: Fighters, former fighters and trainers talk training to avoid injuries

Rep: Unfulfilled ‘Rampage’ Bellator Deal Had Sections for TV, Movies, MMA, Wrestling, MTV

Weight Lifting for Beginners/Intermediates Explained

A follow up interview with new ROAD FC Bantamweight Champion Lee Yoon-Jun

The Layoff: Returning from a Jiu-Jitsu Hiatus

Technique Talk: Reilly Bodycomb makes sense of Rousimar Palhares' brutality

You Know You’re A Martial Arts Fanatic When…. (Infographic)

WWE Believes Brock Lesnar Planning UFC Return According to New Report

PICS: The Ring Girls for DEEP DREAM IMPACT 2014

5 maneuvers and submissions that marked Jiu-Jitsu in 2014

Techniques from Russia: Take the Back from Deep Half Guard with Kristian Cestaro

Kickboxing: Rico Verhoeven Ready to Complete Trilogy with Unevolved Errol Zimmerman




MMA World News Headlines

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Pancrase Newswire

Denver, Broomfield, CO


Former The Ultimate Fighter 19 Contestant Arrested on Rape and Other Charges

China Making Big Plays for Kickboxing in 2015

UFC Planning 23 Foreign Events in 2015; Russia, South Korea, Scotland Targeted

Scott Coker Plans on Speaking with Fedor Emelianenko to Gauge Interest in Return

Top Five Performances of 2014

Jonny Bones the Barbarian

Team Fighting Championship, a 'barroom brawl without the bottles,' coming to pay-per-view

WSOF 17 main card finalized with addition of Ceila-Davis Jr. and Hansen-Morales

Vera, Garza file third lawsuit against Zuffa in antitrust class action

Bellator vows to fight for every major free agent

Anthony Pettis celebrates Christmas by purchasing his mother a new house and car

Invicta FC Signs 19-Year-Old Flyweight Aspen Ladd, Pro Debut Expected Early Next Year

Brawldonado Puts Himself First in Line for Rampage

How To Increase Flexibility & Make Your Guard Impassable

Seven Asian teenage MMA prospects to keep an eye out for in 2015

IMAGINING exercising can make you stronger, tone your muscles, and delay or stop muscle atrophy

Video: Randy Couture says his relationship with the UFC is 'non-existent'

Doing It His Way: Igor Svirid on his Rapid Rise to ONE FC Middleweight Championship

Women’s MMA pro fighter pay

Daron Cruickshank's eye injury usually seen only in 'car accidents and dog attacks'




MMA World News Headlines

Friday, December 26, 2014

Pancrase Newswire

Denver, Broomfield, CO


Scott Coker on UFC antitrust lawsuit: Bellator is not a 'minor league'

An MMA Christmas List: 2014 Edition

'Bad Blood: Jon Jones Jones vs. Daniel Cormier' debuts Sunday on FOX Sports 1

Denver's DeMarcus Taylor: I am a mixed martial artist on the field

OSMMA Review - 'Choke' documentary

Kosen Judo: Similarities & Differences with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

70 year old wrestling guru does not spare the rod

DEEP 70 Impact recap and photos: Kaz Nakamura’s bittersweet retirement passes the title to Nakanishi

Promoter Jon Nutt Will Fight at His Full Metal Dojo 4 on February 21

Beyond the Octagon: former champ Ricco Rodriguez returns, Bellator's Stepanyan KOs UFC's Yagin

Ricardo Liborio On How Jiu-Jitsu Helped His Daughter Deal with Blindness

The List: Rules and sanctions that really grind our gears

The First Annual ROAD FC AWARDS Winners!

Merry Christmas UFC! Brandon Vera Is Suing You

How Every UFC Fight Ended in 2014 (in one graph)

NBC to Showcase Best-Of-The-Best MMA Action in ‘WSOF Unstoppable: Road to the Championship’ on Saturday, Dec. 27

Takanakuy: Peruvian Christmas tradition of fist fighting with family & friends

Joe Rogan talks about Steven Seagal getting choked out by Gene Lebell

Tito Ortiz claims UFC 180 did 80K PPV buys, and he fought Bonnar with one eye

Miyao Bros Teammates: ‘They Live in The Gym & Train from 10 AM to 10PM 24/7′




MMA World News Headlines

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Pancrase Newswire

Denver, Broomfield, CO


MIesha Tate & Brian Caraway learning to live & love in MMA

Study finds no neuropsychological risk in MMA

Have Wrestlers Taken Over MMA For Good?

Cake: Renan Barão's Title Run Looks Quick and Easy

World Series of Fighting special to air Saturday on NBC

Colorado WMMA Fighter Lacey “The Ladie” Schuckman Interview

Negatives To Training With Your Significant Other

Ufc Fight Night 59 Boston Fight Card And Television Schedule

Jesselton Fight League looking to redefine the sport of MMA in Sabah

Darrell Gholar’s Struggle to Survive, Thrive

Watch Kron Gracie win via armbar in his MMA debut

Judo Gene LeBell: Man or woman, 'sadistic' Ronda Rousey will 'break you up' if she feels like it

Gracie Family & Wrestling, Cross Training Throughout History

Tuff-N-Uff Kicks Off New Year with Invicta FC Tournament Finals - Friday, Jan. 9 at The Orleans

Muay Thai Legend Jomhod Kiatadisak training in MMA at Tiger Muay Thai

At Home with Muhammad Ali, the Father

Jiu-Jitsu Fit: 33 solo drills to keep you in shape during the holidays

ADCC southern Philippines 2014 highlights

Fightland Meets: The Fighting Pastor

Strikeforce, UFC Veteran Pat Healy Signs With Titan Fighting Championship




MMA World News Headlines

Wedneday, December 24, 2014

Pancrase Newswire

Denver, Broomfield, CO


Two More Fighters Are Suing The UFC

Scott Coker: 'Rampage' Jackson situation has been turned over to Bellator lawyers

Making Sense of the Antitrust Lawsuit Facing the UFC

Video: UFC Champ Jon Jones Teaches Some of His Kicking Technique


‘King’ Mo Lawal weighs in on the Rampage deal and ‘fake-ass’ Tito Ortiz

Bas Rutten discusses class action lawsuit against the UFC, fighter pay and the Reebok uniform deal

Sources: Monster nearing multi-year, multi-million dollar deal with UFC

Kron Gracie debuts in MMA with R1 armbar submission; Souza, Satoshi also win

Ripe with ambition, ACB President Bekhan Khasiev confident his promotion will garner international recognition

Chris Honeycutt vs. Clayton MacFarlane finalizes Spike TV lineup for Bellator 133: 'Manhoef vs. Shlemenko'

Back to the Future: Lyoto Machida and Einstein's Three Rules of Time

UFC announces Ken Berger as Executive Vice President and General Manager of Asia

Chris Honeycutt vs. Clayton MacFarlane finalizes Spike TV lineup for Bellator 133: 'Manhoef vs. Shlemenko'

'Rampage' opens up in personal interview

The Rocky (Brazilian) Road Ahead for Chris Weidman

UFC announces new Canadian television outlets

2014 New Jersey State Athletic Control Board Calendar Year Statistics

2014 Was the Year of Ronda Rousey

Cris Justino sensual NSFW gallery




MMA World News Headlines

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Pancrase Newswire

Denver, Broomfield, CO


Former UFC champion Dominick Cruz sidelined with another knee injury

Potential issues looming in UFC lawsuit

Seventh annual Fighters Only World MMA Awards set for Jan. 30 in Vegas, voting open

UFC Fight Night 58 medical suspensions: C.B. Dollaway and two others potentially out six months

The 10 most important things that happened in Jiu-Jitsu in 2014

Fightland Meets: Daniel Cormier

Singapore Fighting Championships crowns Singapore’s first amateur MMA champions

Two fights added to January’s WSOF 17 in Las Vegas

REAL FC 1 weigh in results and photos for Kron Gracie vs Kim Hyung-Su, Marcos deSouza title defense

Guard Pulling vs Takedowns: Which do YOU Prefer

Rolles Gracie on facing King Mo in wrestling match, why he signed with WSOF & UFC lawsuit

Murilo Bustamante Fan of the Modern Game: ‘The Lapel Game & The Berimbolo Are Admirable’

Holiday Homecoming: Rampage Jackson Is Back in the UFC

A Gracie in the Olympics? It could happen in 2016

Bas Rutten offers CM Punk advice for debut: Forget America, go to Holland

GLORY 19 booked for Hampton Coliseum on Feb. 6 in Virginia

Esparza: Being champion finally not a dream

Vitor Belfort Looking Slimmed Down In Recent Photo

Rustam Khabilov vs. Adriano Martins, five other fights announced for UFC Fight Night 61

6 Ways To Improve Your Roundhouse Kick For Muay Thai




MMA World News Headlines

Monday, December 22, 2014

Pancrase Newswire

Denver, Broomfield, CO


Grapple at the Garden recap: Maynard, Lawal score wins at MSG

Machida versus Dolloway: The Kick Heard Round the World

Fortunes Changed for Five at UFC Fight Night 58

Dollaway: I was basically paralyzed

Rampage Jackson: Bellator didn't honor my contract, so I terminated it

DEEP 70 Impact live play by play and results from Differ Ariake in Tokyo

A Tweet Set Rampage Jackson Leaving Bellator MMA and Returning to the UFC in Motion

Is the Controversial Online Gracie University Ruining Jiu-Jitsu?

Scott Coker Pulls Contract Card On Dana White Over Rampage

Break it Down: Sit-up Sweep

King Mo discusses UFC lawsuit, why he left AKA, 'Black Rob' and Rolles Gracie

UFC Fight Night 56 Drug Test Results: All Fighters Test Clean

Matches to Make After UFC Fight Night Machida vs. Dollaway

Muay Thai World Champion Muangfalek Kiatvichian Reveals His Secret To Happiness

UFC Fight Night 58 in Tweets: Pros react to Lyoto Machida vs. C.B. Dollaway, Renan Barao vs. Mitch Gagnon

Lyoto Machida, Erick Silva, Vitor Miranda and Renan Barao Collect Bonuses

Thai Fight Final 2014 Results and Yodsanklai Video

FOX Sports 1 mistakenly shows feed from UFC 173 during UFC Fight Night: Machida vs. Dollaway

As legal battle brews over 'Rampage' Jackson, UFC digs in for the benefit of star-power

TopKing World Series 3 Final 8 Results and More Videos




PANCRASE BLACK BELT Luigi Fioravanti Wins At M-1 Challenge In Russia

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Pancrase Newswire

Denver, Broomfield, CO



Congratulations to Pancrase Black Belt Luigi Fioravanti for his round one, TKO victory at the M-1 Challenge 54 in Russia.


M-1 Challenge & ACB 12 results & pictures from Russia


Fight video




PANCRASE MMA - Purple Belt Rank Promotions

Monday, December 01, 2014

Pancrase Commissioner's Office

Broomfield, CO




*Ben Guillot (left) was promoted to Purple Belt effective 9/27/2014, with a Red Tab Coaching certification effective 11/9/2014.

*Nate Feldman was promoted to Purple Belt with a Red Tab Coaching certification effective11/9/2014.


Mr. Guillot and Mr. Feldman train under black belt James Wright at the Martial Arts and More academy located in Jacksonville, NC..


Congratulations to our newest Pancrase purple belts - Commissioner Will Hendricks




PANCRASE MMA - Purple Belt Rank Promotion

Tuesday, Aug 06, 2014

Pancrase Commissioner's Office

Broomfield, CO



Congratulations to our newest Pancrase purple belt James Jordan.  Jordan is a student and professional MMA fighter training under black belt James Wright of Martial Arts and More academy located in Jacksonville, NC..


Professor Wright reports that he promoted Jordan after winning his most recent fight at Battle of the South.  Jordan was 6-1 as amateur and this was his first pro fight.  He has trained MMA for a several years before moving to Jacksonville and training at Wright's academy.


According to sensei Wright, "James’s judo and wrestling ability are at black belt level. His striking is beyond his rank and his submissions are good."



Congratulations to Mr. Jordan and Professor Wright - Commissioner Will Hendricks




PANCRASE Black Belt Enrique Watson Wins At Shamrock FC

Monday, July 28, 2014

Pancrase Newswire

Denver, Broomfield, CO


Congratulations to Comate Xtreme's Enrique Watson for his TKO victory at Shamrock FC last Saturday.  Check out the video: